Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Freon and Layer O3 (Ozone)

The Freon is a chemical compound that was created in order to use the AC (Air Conditioner) and Almari Es (Refrigerator). Each Freon compounds designed to have a certain boiling point and is stable, so it will not react directly with the materials at a fridge, however if released into the freon-free air can not be explained by other compounds at low altitude from the surface atmosphere.

When the freon gas reaches the ozone layer, which contained a layer in the stratosphere as far as 12-50 km from the earth's surface, then the freon gas is depleting the ozone layer.

Then if the ozone is it?

Ozone is a type of compound consisting of three oxygen atoms O (which is written O-3), where the ozone molecule is useful for life on the earth's surface because it absorbs UV radiation, so it is not directly affected so harmful to living things.

Chlorine of freon can bind one oxygen atom from ozone to form chlorine-monoxide. Ozone molecules originally beratom three are transformed into ordinary oxygen atom with two atoms only, so this molecule to the next could not stem the effects of UV radiation.

Increased UV can cause skin cancer, cataracts in the eye, reducing the body's immune system, resulting in low production of algae, which become food for the food chain.

Reasons Dogs stuck out his tongue

Although considered to be repugnant to some, but not recognized or dog is a pet is agile and clever. This is evident in several types of house dog that can and have been trained for many things, including when it must dispose of dirt, and so forth.

The problem is, why dogs are often stuck out his tongue?
In hot weather, our skin (humans) sweat, which evaporates, carrying heat to the body through the pores of the skin, while the dogs do not have skin to sweat, then when the weather is hot, hot dog trying to reduce his body with his tongue stuck out there for evaporation on his saliva so that the dog's body becomes colder.

Overcoming Eyes Min

Normal eyes (Emmetropi) is the desire of every human being, but it is possible for a variety of factors may occur eye disorder and should use tools such vision goggles. If you suffer from minus big enough, then the glasses who used to be quite thick. It would be a problem, especially girls who want to look beautiful.

One solution using Soft Lens or contact lenses, but again this would be a problem for the wearer because besides the price is relatively expensive, can not be used in people with allergies, can also cause infection of the cornea.

To overcome these problems, can be reached by way of correcting eye defects with corneal refractive surgery. How to use the latest surgery using Excimer Laser, with this method a laser beam is directed to reduce the curvature of the lens so that the surface of the cornea becomes more flat, in medical science, this method is called photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).