Thursday, April 7, 2011

Practicing Concentration with Yohanes Surya

The human brain is a super computer powerful God's creation. All parts related to one another in a complex network. Remarkably, the brain can be trained to concentrate or remember. According to Olympic champion remember (mind Olympiad), the brain can be trained what is great, even to remember a long series of numbers. The world record for the recall is held by Yip Swee Choi is able to recall 60 000 series of numbers!
Just as remembering, concentration can be trained. To train it we can begin to read for 50-10 minutes, can be assisted with the music to read (usually a type of baroque music). Then we increase any longer, to the extent that we want.
We often have trouble concentrating because sometimes we train the brain to not concentrate. For example, when watching TV, just 10 minutes walk, suddenly broke our concentration because there are no ads or want to change to another channel. If that we continually do, we are only able to concentrate very brief. (SBR: yohanes solar)
What about you?

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