Monday, April 18, 2011

National Examination in Indonesia

National Examination continues to get attention from year to year. This change in passing score is positive impact for the quality of national education. But besides that, also, there are some negative impacts. Psychological problems students one of them.
Although the national exam has been passed, all Indonesian students are still anxiously awaiting the announcement of the results of national exams in mid-May 2011. They hope to pass the National Exam and can continue their education into college bench. Seeing the psychological condition of the depressed participants with the National Examination, making many question whether the National Exam is required or not.
Viewed from the objective, the National Examination conducted to improve the quality of national education and distribution of quality education throughout Indonesia. During this time the quality of education in all areas in Indonesia are not the same. The quality of education in the island of Java, of course not the same as the quality of education in Guinea. With the implementation of the national examination will be known to the quality of education in each region, so the government can overcome the imbalance between areas of quality education with other regions. But in reality, local or central government slow to overcome inequality of education in this country. In remote areas, there are many educational infrastructure that is not feasible to be used as a place to carry out the learning process. Viewed from the side of the implementation of the national exam, many violations and fraud that occurred during the execution of the national exam. In many regions, many fraud cases found during the national exams take place as individual teachers who leaked the answers to the national exam, the spread of the answers before the implementation of the national exam performed. Various fraud that occurred in various regions, the touching sense of injustice for students in other areas who have struggled to pass the national exam in a way that honest. It's supposed to be perpetrators of fraud a national exam is given the criminal sanctions for the next year does not happen again cases of fraud in the implementation of the national exam. 

Various problems that characterize the implementation of the national exam is supposed to be a corrective for government materials for the future implementation of the national exam for the better. Besides increasing the graduation standard national exam each year, the government must fix all infrustruktur education in this country, so as not to happen again the quality of education inequality between regions. 20% of education budget as mandated by the constitution has already been spent by the government, but has not been able to overcome the problem of education infrastructure, because 20% of education budget is more widely used for personnel expenditure than to increase the quality of education. To overcome this problem, the SOE should be included to help finance Indonesia's education for the quality of education infrastructure problems can be resolved soon.
The number and welfare of teachers (teachers) in remote areas should also be considered. The Government must ensure the welfare of teachers in remote areas. Grievances felt by teachers who teach in remote areas is always late payment of salaries. This incident makes the teachers can not teach concentration of having to think about survival. By improving the quality of infrastructure and teaching staff are expected to Indonesia has increased the quality of education that will affect the increased number of participants passing the national exam.

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