Friday, April 8, 2011

Hybrid Car

The issue of energy lately become a hot topic of conversation in society, especially the condensation of gas leakage due to excessive heat at the Fukushima nuclear reactors - Japan further exacerbate the problem of energy. Imagine the reduction in petroleum reserves in the bowels of the earth will have an impact on the prolonged energy crisis, which means that there will be paralysis of all sectors of human life. During the tens and even hundreds of years humans as one of the biggest users of energy in the world is to exploit the sources of these fossil fuels without knowing when the oil reserves in the bowels of the earth will continue to supply, but it also exacerbates the impact of air pollution due to combustion gases (emissions) vehicle engine, for it is necessary may we think of new or renewable energy sources.

The challenge for environmentally friendly vehicles with minimum emission levels even without the emissions into the dream of the experts present, then dikenallah vehicle with high-pressure hydrogen fuel, with a combined system with Fuel Cell Hybrid with bateray, vehicles with this system is called Fuel Cell Hybrid Vechicles (FCHV).
Cars with this system in principle is a car with machine-generated electricity through a chemical reaction that combines hydrogen gas (H2) with oxygen gas (O2) obtained from the air. Meanwhile, the rest of the combustion is water making it very safe for the preservation of the environment because it does not contain hazardous materials such as carbon in its emissions.
The advantage of this hybrid system when it comes to filling power (bateray) only takes about 5 minutes. Another advantage that is for fuel cells with hydrogen tank that can carry as many as 340 atm enable cars to travel 161 km on one charge. Although the tank carrying fewer hydrogen such as 200 atm and given additional bateray (NiMH) then car mileage can be increased up to 250 km on one charge.

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