Friday, April 8, 2011

Uniquely Bee Hive

God Most Gracious, Most power over all affairs in this universe. Bees are one of the proof that is able to produce their own honey, which exceeds needed (+ colonies) and then store it in the hive. Form hexagonal honeycomb is interesting to study. Have you ever thinking, why bees make nests instead of hexagon-shaped rather than in other forms such as boxes or circles?

If considered in a honeycomb-shaped hexagonal there are thousands of bags or hexagon made ​​to store honey. But why did they make the bags with a hexagonal shape? The mathematician doing research and it turns out a interesting answers! It turned out that the hexagonal shape is the form most appropriate to build a storage warehouse honey with the greatest capacity and this form also requires only a little building materials as possible.

When compared with other forms. If bees sacs tubular, like a triangular prism, square pyramid or the other is formed at the gaps between the pouch and the other one, if that happens then the nest is not efficient. While the honey sac triangular or square could be made without leaving gaps. But a mathematician to realize one important thing. Of all these geometric forms, which has the smallest circumference is a hexagonal shape. For this reason, although these forms cover the same area, but the materials needed to build a hexagonal shape is less than the square or triangular. So in conclusion, a hexagonal bag is the best form to obtain the largest storage capacity, with raw materials in a minimum number of candles. Great is not a bee also turned out to be an expert architect to build an appropriate building.
Another thing that is admirable about this honey bee is the cooperation between them in building this honey sacs. When one looks at a beehive that has been so, perhaps he thought that the house was built as a single block. When in fact, the bees start to build their homes from a different point. Hundreds of bees make homes of three or four different starting points. They continue the preparation of such buildings to meet in the middle. No errors at all in places where they met.
Bees also calculate the angle between the cavity of one another at the time to build his house. A cavity with a cavity behind it is always built with a slope of thirteen (13) degrees from the plane. That way, both sides of the cavity are in a position tilted upward. Tilt angle is also the most appropriate angle to prevent the honey so as not to flow out and spilled (absolutely perfect).
And another amazing fact of the hive is in fact a beehive is sterile and clean. It has been proved by research, believed to be even more sterile beehive compared with room / operating room though.

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