Friday, April 29, 2011

Nutrient Content in The Eel

Did you know about the eel?
For some, the eel is a ridiculous animal even disgusting, but actually a lot of nutritional value in it.
Eels or commonly called welut (ed: Java), which has the Latin name Monopterus Albus Zuieuw (eel rice) has a lot of nutritional value. The nutrients contained in the eel has a protein equivalent to meat, and has the highest energy content than beef and chicken eggs.

Eels have a protein content by 18.4 g/100 g of meat, equivalent to 18.8 g/100g protein of beef, but higher than 12.8 g/100 g egg protein, and energy content contained in the eel is at 303 kkal/100gr meat. Eel energy value is much higher than 162 eggs and kkal/100g skinless beef kkal/100 207 gr.

Now look at the data above, the eels can be used as a cheap alternative source of nutrition, compared with the price of beef and egg prices. Eels are very suitable consumed at the age of infants and the elderly because of the value of high protein digestibility yanng. Eel it is equally delicious beef in the appeal. So, eels could be alteratif food is cheap and of high nutritional value.

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