Thursday, April 7, 2011

Working Principle of Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven is a home furnishings that have been commonly used in domestic life, for culinary purposes and so forth, but do you know how the microwave to warm and cook food? Here's his review.

Microwave Oven was first found (who supposedly called unwittingly) by Dr. Percy Spencer in 1946, one day Mr. Spenser (= I'm calling so yes ..^_^) working near a magnetron which is a tool that is used as a microwave generator in a radar system. Magnetron apparently leaked at a place, and when taking a candy from his pocket, he observed that the hard candy that had apparently been melted (melt), so that from the beginning this time he discovered that microwaves could be used and utilized for cooking.

Mircrowaves generated by a tool named mangnetron, the working principles are similar to television tubes (cathode ray tube). A high voltage generating large currents that can heat a part of the cathode. It gives energy to the cathode is then converted into microwaves. Microwaves are directed along a hollow wave guide to go into all the living compartments (chambers oven).
Microwaves in the compartment and then can easily infiltrate into the food, so that microwave energy vibrating water molecules in food. While the molecules vibrate it will have a greater heat energy that it becomes hotter. Thus the heat energy is transferred from one molecule to other water molecules around it, consequently the food will cook by itself, it should be noted that for conventional oven heating from outside (fire) that heat will creep into .... so, have understood all of khan ...

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